GIF MAKING 101 {VIDEO} - Myrtle and Moss Photography

  • GIF MAKING 101  {VIDEO} - Myrtle and Moss Photography

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Introducing Ang McCabe [Myrtle and Moss Photography]


A few years ago, when GIF making became a 'thing' for photographers, there wasn't a lot of resources out there. Over time, there have been countless tutorials added to internet-land but I would have to search and search for solutions when it came to troubleshooting. There wasn't one place to get everything I needed to know about creating my own GIFs. I'm excited to offer a complete GIF Making 101 tutorial that touches base on concept, capturing the images, creating the GIF itself, trouble shooting AND preparing your GIF's for online use and sharing!

With this purchase, you will receive a ZIP folder (1.73GB) via automatic download containing:
-GIF 101 Making Video (41 minutes long at 1080p)
-Images to test/practice GIF-making
-Photoshop Actions to speed up the GIF making process
-Table of Contents (Reference Sheet)
-Export Settings Reference Sheet

*PRIOR TO PURCHASE* Please ensure you have the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Higher (necessary to create GIFs)
Adobe Lightroom (not necessary, but makes the editing process faster)

*The video is quite detailed, and while you do not need to be an expert with these two programs the process of creating GIFS and preparing the images are not considered entry/beginner level.

Ang McCabe from Myrtle & Moss Photography has put a lot of love and care into making this educational material for you to use. Please be kind and respectful by not sharing, trading, or replicating her hard work - not to mention, it is illegal. She wants to continue to provide photographers with new and useful tools and she can only do so with your support. Due to the digital nature of the automatic download of this product, there will be NO refunds. Please make sure to have compatible software before purchasing. Thank you so much again and happy creating!