Myrtle and Moss Photography: [NEW] FAMILY POSING GUIDE

  • Myrtle and Moss Photography: [NEW] FAMILY POSING GUIDE

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Introducing Ang McCabe [Myrtle and Moss Photography]
Family Posing Guide [Digital Cards]


This pack includes 120 Digital Cards.


This guide showcases poses for you to try out yourself and provides you with a boost of inspiration and ideas. Some of the cards will provide a prompt or question for you to try with the children, others may provide shooting tips or will explain what makes the pose effective in evoking emotion/enhances storytelling. Most of these poses/roles/ideas can be used interchangeably between your subjects and also work for your LGBTQ families.

Please note, these cards are provided in a digital format which may either be saved to your phone or printed out. Once purchase is complete, an automatic download will be sent shortly.

Ang's Philosophy:
Since becoming a parent, I have truly grown to love documenting families. I now understand what this type of love is all about, and it makes me even more honoured to document it for my clients -- there is no better gift I could give. Family sessions are fun, challenging and oh so packed with emotions. Each one is so unique and as much as you can plan and prepare, you never know what is to come -- typically just beautiful chaos. There are special bonds and unique relationships within a family unit, and each one is a story of its own. Children grow and change so quickly, and moments are gone before you know it.

Family sessions allow us as creatives to tell a story. More often than not, the children tell it for us, and we are just there to capture it.

Ang McCabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography has put a lot of love and care into creating this content for the photography community. Please be kind and respectful by not sharing, trading or replicating her work. No to mention, it is illegal. She wants to continue to provide photographers with new and useful tools and she can only do this with your continued support. Due to the digital nature of this product and automatic download once purchased, there will be no refunds or exchanges. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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